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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Najib ada berani saman kah?

The issue on Najib's alleged misdeed has gone up to another height. Najib in his statement threatens his critics they will face full force of law as those allegations were all untrue and unfounded. The situation now is very critical and everyone who has their hands in the issue must be prepared to face the consequences of law, says Najib. The issue is getting fierier when WSJ (Wall Street Journal) exposed that there were traces of funds by the billions of ringgit from 1MDB deal had gone into the personal accounts of Malaysian PM. The figure alleged to flow in Najib's personal account was USD700 million.

What Najib is saying is true. If those were all malicious allegations against him the parties responsible should be prepared to face legal consequences. However Najib must also be prepared to face law if all the allegations against him have the traces of truthfulness. Najib says that he won’t bow to Dr Mahathir and he will not allow Mahathir to rule by proxy. I am personally agreeable to see the truth to prevail and I hope everyone in this world who has even a small and fractious of evident to put Najib on trial if there were some truth in their allegations against him.

Najib must also be prepared to prove that what his critics are doing are all political conspiracy against him. He must prove that Dr Mahathir is conspiring with international parties to oust him to be true. He also has to prove that he has not taken for himself and family any money as alleged by many quarters. He must sue everyone who goes in the open alleging him for the wrong doings. If the other parties manage to prove that Najib has been on the take in 1MDB and other deals than Najib have to go and his departure will certainly be very unceremonious.

I suggest Najib has to go to international arena to clean his dirty perception from the international as well as the local community. We want to see the issues surrounding the nation be stopped abruptly. Najib has to face the consequence if all the alleged wrong doings against him are true. Najib has to go to the court to come out clean. This is because it is easier to believe the allegations against him by the critics than believing him due of his scrawny reputation that he has.

I and many others support Najib to take legal actions against his critics and prove to the world that what WSJ had written days ago is part of the concerted efforts by conspiring politicians and leaders as well as the international community to sabotage his leadership.

Najib has to erase the perceptions that he was the one who creates his own problems. If Najib is not suing anyone as he promised than Najib has to go and just leave politics forever.

Who are the parties that Najib should sue? Among them in the list should be Sarawak Report, WSJ, the banks and of course Dr Mahathir Mohamed the strident critic on his administration. Others who should be sued by Najib are leaders like Lim Kit Siang and many other opposition law makers who have been very consistent in highlighting the issues against Najib.

But the people on the street are still having apprehension that Najib will sue anyone. Most of them ask us back, ‘Najib ada beranikah?’. Some are asking among themselves, ‘Najib ada telor kah?’ and all questions like that. But truly many others say, ‘Najib pergi ajelah. Apa yang beliau hendak tunggu?’

Now we are waiting for Najib to sue WSJ first. Don’t wait too long Mr PM. Let’s see the fun. However it's not easy to prove what LKS and Tony Phua as well as Rafizi Ramli say are not true. Now the ball is at Najib's feet and he decides for his future.

What is certain, Najib is having serious mitigated believability problem. We feel sorry for him.

Aspan Alias

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Younger But Wiser said...

Media yang mengambil pendekatan munafik akan disukai oleh golongan munafik dan musuh-musuh Islam jua..

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